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Why Many Americans Prefer Latin American Countries as Their Retirement Home? Read and Figure out Yourself.

Costa Rica is among the most preferred retirement destination in Central America, and has been so for more than 30 years. When you live in Costa Rica, you have unlimited access to pristine and unspoiled beaches lining the Pacific and the Caribbean Coasts. You will also be surrounded with tropical jungles teeming with exotic plants and animals. You can live amid lush green valleys, bustling market towns, and mountain villages. And you can enjoy stress-free days as you discover hundreds of rivers, waterfalls and lakes. These are just a few of the main reasons why retirees and other expats just fall in love with Costa Rica.

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The cost of living in Costa Rica is particularly lower when compared to the US and Canada. This is somehow an acceptable fact because North American countries are way advanced than the countries down south. One more exciting fact is that, despite the low living expenses in Costa Rica, it is still able to give more for every one dollar expended there than in the US or Canada.

This goes without saying that this Latin country can provide more dollar value to its expats, more so to those who have already visited Costa Rica, checked how the people, climate, tourist attractions, sights and sounds, and the safety and security of the place – which are all important factors considered when looking for a place to retire.

When living in Costa Rica, your monthly expenses will definitely depend on your lifestyle and from which part of the country you are living in. A larger budget is required when you opt to live near the expat communities with nearby shops for imported products. However, if you are willing to live a simple life and shop at the farmer’s market, then living expenses will be trimmed down as well.

Down below is an illustration of what you should expect to pay in Costa Rica. This is assuming that you own the house where you are living and will be paying property taxes to the government.

Should you be renting a place, then add in the rental amount into the equation. It shows that for a retiree to live comfortably in Costa Rica, he will likely need between the amounts of $2,500 to $3,000. Anything below those figures will require some adjustments...

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